Thursday, November 11, 2010

My cuties!!!! never forget me!!!!

I miss you! i miss our life in Leiden!
So I opened my youtube account and created a playlist with songs that remind me of you and Leiden! and then I realized I needed to share this list with you! I haven't used this blog in a while but it seems the perfect place for this.
Remember my obsessions? You all know these songs, listened to thme much more than you would have wanted, didn;t you? especially Diliara :)))))))

Just two of them so that you don;t start crying :)))))))))
And now let;s get back to you guys and the songs that remind me of you when I hear them! :)

Diliara, the politically-incorrect demented mother of my children:

After you came back from Bodrum we really became the friends that we NEVER thought we will be:)))) and this song reminds me of you and our beginnings:P

We came a long way from that period to this other one right here:

I won't even mention Cheburashka because that is already too sentimental :)))

Katharina,favorite crackhead, the Queen of ISN-R and my second wife at 40 when I will have divorced Diliara for beating me up while drunk :)))

For all the drunken or not drunken moments when we used to scream in the same time:
this is our soooongggggggggg!!! ....and then continuing with either: RIVERSIIIIIDEEEE MOTHERFUUUUUCKER/ tu tienes la bocca grande ale ponte a jugaaaaar / fuuuuck you, fuck you very very muchhhhh :)))))))) You must admit, our choice of songs to share is a bit perverted (like you! :P). I just chose one of them here, i don't want to be reported on Blogspot for too much unappropriate content:))))))))))

But I am not done with you Katharina, this is just a reminder that we haven;t seen ZWEIOHRKUKEN together YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have too, it's not like I asked you to watch Tatort together or something :P:P:P:P:P

Zerrintje!!!!!!!!! :)) Don't worry, you are not and will not be one of my wives :))) you are a great sister and i need and needed your advice even though, stupid and feisty as I am, many times I didn't/ won't follow it! " Andreeaaaaaa!!!!! what did I tell you do??? I told you to do this and you did exactly the opposite!!!!"
Remember when we went to The Hague searching for the national parliament's guy's house? and on the way I finally showed you Algo pequenito and you started dancing on the narrow and quiet streets of The Hague :))))

Zivile, YUP YUP YUPPPPPP:))))))))))) (i don;t know why but whenever I say your name or write it, I need to have Diliara near me to start laughing:))))) It is not as great to make fun of you without Diliara on my side :)))) But you know we love you even if we told you many times to think 10 times before you tell us a story :)))) (probably whilew you read this you say, as you did many times, Fuck you Andreea :))))))))))
Remember that we became really good friends when you first came to sleep at our place for 2 days or something. And this was when I started that thread about sex music. and you were staying at our place when I had my second date with Jan and when I asked him as well about sex music. He said Marvin Gaye, we listened to it immediately as I arrived home, and you said you agree with him :))) That's one of my most vivid images of you (this and the two of us on a couch with Alex screaming at both :)))), making fun of me:andreea is in loveeeee, andreea is in looooveee :)))
So here it is, Zivile, move to Brussels and let's get it oooonnn :))))))))

I love you all! never stop being my friends or I will kill you! i will! seriously!