Saturday, August 18, 2012

Romanian summer hits 2012 -

This is what I heard every single day at the radio in my car :) ENJOY :)) 1.Corina - A ta (Yours) Romanian lyrics, she doesn;t say much though, and nothing important but I kind of like this stupid beat :))) 2.Alexandra Stan - Lemonade 3.Alex Velea - Minim Doi ( Minimum Two) 4.Smiley - Dead Man Walking 5. Connect-R - Vara nu dorm ( Summertime is not for sleeping - loose translation:P) This is the ultimate hit here in Romania, the guy basically says that during summertime he never sleeps, he is at the seaside having fun and "rappin'on" :)) 6. Inna - Tu si eu ( Me and you) Finally one Inna song in ROMANIAN :)) - basic translation of the chorus- you and me will love each other until we reach the sun :))) 7. Matteo feat. Stella - Push it 8. Akcent - I'm sorry 9. Raluka - Surrendered my love 10. BUG Mafia - Inainte sa plec (Before I leave) This hip-hop song basically says that we should start living our life the way we want to rather than let others govern our lives cause life is short -basic stuff but kind of cool :)) 11. Bitza feat Ombladon - Nopti albe pentru zile negre (White nights for black days) Another mega hit again about sleepless nights :)) - apparently a theme in Romania this summer - in Romanian we call sleepless nights - white nights - while black days basically means bad days. The idea of the song is celebrate with your friends, have fun cause who knows what the future brings, gather good nights for the hard times ahead :)