Thursday, November 11, 2010

My cuties!!!! never forget me!!!!

I miss you! i miss our life in Leiden!
So I opened my youtube account and created a playlist with songs that remind me of you and Leiden! and then I realized I needed to share this list with you! I haven't used this blog in a while but it seems the perfect place for this.
Remember my obsessions? You all know these songs, listened to thme much more than you would have wanted, didn;t you? especially Diliara :)))))))

Just two of them so that you don;t start crying :)))))))))
And now let;s get back to you guys and the songs that remind me of you when I hear them! :)

Diliara, the politically-incorrect demented mother of my children:

After you came back from Bodrum we really became the friends that we NEVER thought we will be:)))) and this song reminds me of you and our beginnings:P

We came a long way from that period to this other one right here:

I won't even mention Cheburashka because that is already too sentimental :)))

Katharina,favorite crackhead, the Queen of ISN-R and my second wife at 40 when I will have divorced Diliara for beating me up while drunk :)))

For all the drunken or not drunken moments when we used to scream in the same time:
this is our soooongggggggggg!!! ....and then continuing with either: RIVERSIIIIIDEEEE MOTHERFUUUUUCKER/ tu tienes la bocca grande ale ponte a jugaaaaar / fuuuuck you, fuck you very very muchhhhh :)))))))) You must admit, our choice of songs to share is a bit perverted (like you! :P). I just chose one of them here, i don't want to be reported on Blogspot for too much unappropriate content:))))))))))

But I am not done with you Katharina, this is just a reminder that we haven;t seen ZWEIOHRKUKEN together YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have too, it's not like I asked you to watch Tatort together or something :P:P:P:P:P

Zerrintje!!!!!!!!! :)) Don't worry, you are not and will not be one of my wives :))) you are a great sister and i need and needed your advice even though, stupid and feisty as I am, many times I didn't/ won't follow it! " Andreeaaaaaa!!!!! what did I tell you do??? I told you to do this and you did exactly the opposite!!!!"
Remember when we went to The Hague searching for the national parliament's guy's house? and on the way I finally showed you Algo pequenito and you started dancing on the narrow and quiet streets of The Hague :))))

Zivile, YUP YUP YUPPPPPP:))))))))))) (i don;t know why but whenever I say your name or write it, I need to have Diliara near me to start laughing:))))) It is not as great to make fun of you without Diliara on my side :)))) But you know we love you even if we told you many times to think 10 times before you tell us a story :)))) (probably whilew you read this you say, as you did many times, Fuck you Andreea :))))))))))
Remember that we became really good friends when you first came to sleep at our place for 2 days or something. And this was when I started that thread about sex music. and you were staying at our place when I had my second date with Jan and when I asked him as well about sex music. He said Marvin Gaye, we listened to it immediately as I arrived home, and you said you agree with him :))) That's one of my most vivid images of you (this and the two of us on a couch with Alex screaming at both :)))), making fun of me:andreea is in loveeeee, andreea is in looooveee :)))
So here it is, Zivile, move to Brussels and let's get it oooonnn :))))))))

I love you all! never stop being my friends or I will kill you! i will! seriously!


  1. niiiiiiiice! it made me smile even if Vienna is cold to death:) As soon as I have internet I will try to remember of ur other obsessions, songs and words that remind me of us all together! that is such a nice idea, u must get sick from time to time:) get on well Cheburashka!!pcu pcu pcu!

  2. yeah, catching a cold gave me this inspiration for sure :))))kisses and don;t forget to check on Sissi!!! when i come to Vienna i want you to know everything about her so we can talk :)))

  3. :)) this is a great idea Andreea... You see, i'm motivating and not behaving like a teacher all the time, i'm sorry if you felt like i was constantly telling you to do this and that etc... ;))
    I still love this song (not just because of this curly haired sweetie) though it sounds a bit childish, the music makes me happy from the first moment until now... haha we were walking in Den Haag and we walked soo much, for what, my best paper ever got 7, he is a monument of _____ (fill in the blank) :D
    I'm happy that you got cold this week and not 2 weeks ago :) perfect timing cutie, coz we now have youtubeeeeee ;)btw get well soon, tell me if you need magic tea, i may send some ok??
    I miss you all, too... it'll be a boring winter :( and unfortunately there is still no plan for a wedding party around 2011 :p maybe yours? :)

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